Yamuna Body Rolling.

Yamuna Body Rolling(YBR)

YBR is a unique approach to body work coming from the great mind of Yamuna Zake. Yamuna introduced the concept of applying traction across a joint while actively stripping muscle from its origin to insertion. This technique was called (YBL) Yamuna Body Logic. With over 35 years of success, the YBL concept extended into self treatment through necessity.

Yamuna suffered from overused everything due to the physical demands that body work creates for the practitioner. Yamuna was alone working in Spain. In the absence of a good therapist, she devised a way to apply YBL concepts through the use of body positioning using a ball as the contact point. Yamuna body rolling became a combination of rolling on a ball with neutral-aligned body positioning that created sustained traction. The ball not only provides pressure, but adds resistance and separates the tissue due to the sinking factor. Sinking into the ball stretches, unwinds, and elongates compressed muscle, bone and connective tissue.


Don and Sherri have been certified Yamuna instructors since 2010. They introduced Yamuna Body Rolling to the Bow Valley and offered weekly classes and workshops at their hot yoga studio in Canmore. Don became drawn to the workshop setting and choreographed 3 different workshops staying true to the Yamuna philosophy. Don believes in balance before bulk. Focus on balancing out the core and its associated muscle groups before going for the bulk of the body and trying to roll out every individual area. A 3-hour workshop focuses on balancing out the entire pelvis girdle and ribcage. A 3-hour workshop gives each participant an opportunity to explore their body wholistically and treat their own specific muscle or connective tissue restriction. Don loves the 3 hour workshops because he is a true believer in the sum of all the parts and loves a captive audience to torture / educate about connective tissue and its relationship with muscle.


YBR Fundamentals

  • Stimulate the bone
  • Maintain constant weight bearing on the bone and muscle
  • Maintain traction across the joint working from origin to insertion
  • Work from largest to smallest muscle groups
  • Always finish with the spine


Save your Hips/Back

Save your hips is targeted for back injuries. If you have a lower back, hip or leg problem this workshop is designed for you to help you help yourself.

You will learn to balance hamstrings with hip flexors. Take on the battle of the groin vs. the IT band. Don’t forget the Glutes and how they oppose the pubis bone. Just when you think you can’t learn any more, we got the mack daddy, the Diaphragm. You will leave hip loose and ribcage free. 3 HOURS OF ROLLING IS WORK. REAL WORK DONE BY YOU. Don and Sherri will be there guiding you safely but you will be doing the work while educating and healing yourself.

Yamuna for Runners

The runner specific workshop is similar to Save Your Hips but rather than working on the ribcage, it dedicates time to calves and feet. Because time is robbed from the ribcage, runners with severe back pain should weigh out which workshop best suits their injury.

So in the world of fitness there is the runner. The runner needs... what do they need? They need it ALL. Even though we respect and admire the sport, it is the craziest form of suffering the human body can take. We have designed a runner specific Yamuna workshop because they need it. This will incorporate the entire leg including the foot. The introduction to foot wakers will change a runner’s life. What’s a foot waker? Come and find out! Forest Gump would still be running if he had foot wakers.

Save your Shoulders

Save your shoulders is targeted for any mid-back, neck, shoulder or shoulder girdle issues. This includes elbow and wrist injuries due to bad alignment and connective tissue restriction. Computer dudes, this means you!

Why stop at the shoulder? This workshop saves the entire shoulder girdle and the ribcage. You will learn to roll from the Diaphragm to the base of your head in 3 hours. Show me a corrupt shoulder girdle and I’ll show you an associated chronic mid back, neck, or shoulder problem that haunts your daily routine. Each participant will leave with an understanding of how the ribs, the collarbones, and the shoulder blades have to work together and how to restore length and balance to restore pain free movement. 3 HOURS OF ROLLING IS WORK. REAL WORK DONE BY YOU. Don and Sherri will be there guiding you safely but you will be doing the work while educating and healing yourself.


We come to you. It’s that easy. Let us know how big your space is and provide a rough sketch of the floor plan. Rolling requires space, and there is nothing worse than being crowded. Each space dictates how many we can teach safely while optimizing the individual experience. Don and Sherri teach as a team. Don instructs, while Sherri gives individual hands-on correction. This team effort allows us to work with a group as large as 15 people without compromising the individual experience. Workshop rates vary based on size and requirements.

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